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Terms and Conditions

BSL Terms and Conditions

1. These Terms & Conditions
Apply from the moment the student has submitted and completed the BSL booking form through the website www.barilochespanishlessons.com

2. About BSL
BSL agrees to provide Spanish courses for students with experienced and trained teachers, and provide a number of related services such as activities and volunteer programs. BSL is not liable for any damage resulting from or compensation related to incorrect or withheld information received at the point of booking.

3. Student’s Documents & Insurance
The student is fully responsible for ensuring that they have adequate travel documents, travel insurance and medical insurance. Any non-compliance and any resulting damages are the sole responsibility of the student.

4. Liability
BSL will not be held liable for loss, damage or injury to persons or property.

Likewise, BSL will not be held liable for any activities, trips or transfers the student performs during his / her stay.

5. Booking
BSL considers that by sending the Booking Form the student is booking the course and / or the accomodation.

To confirm the reservation, BSL reserves the right to charge a Booking fee of US$100. This fee will have to be sent through Western Union or Paypal and will be discounted from the balance once the program has started.

In case the student decides to cancel the program booked or part of it, no refund will be issued.

6. Special Deals
BSL Special deals are valid for a maximum of 3 months. Their prices will be maintained only after the Booking Fee is received and so long as the total balance of the program is paid within the first 48 hours after it has started. Otherwise, the cost of the program will be updated and any discounts or benefits granted by BSL at the moment of booking will be rescinded. In such case, the student will loose all rights to claim and must pay the full program at the updated prices.

7. Changes During Program
Changes between different services (courses, accommodation, and other services), such as substituting one service for another, are not permitted and will be considered a cancellation.

8. Changes to accommodation
Changes between different services are not permitted and will be considered a cancellation. In cases where the student requests to switch between the same accommodation option even though the housing meets the set quality requirements, BSL reserves the right to charge an administration fee of US$100 and perform the change according to availability.

9.  Cancellation
For cancellations received fourteen (14) days or more in advance of the program start date, BSL will refund all but the deposit and less non refundable charges (registration fee for the accomodation and the course and bank/card fees).

For course cancellations received less than fourteen (14) days in advance of the program start date, no refund will be issued. After a course has started there is no refund for any program (this includes cancellations and/or part cancellations).

a) Accommodation Cancellation After Arrival
If a student has reserved 7 weeks or less of accommodation, there is no refund after the program has started. If a student has reserved 8 weeks or more of accommodation, they may notify BSL in writing 4-weeks prior to the date of termination to receive a partial refund, otherwise a 4-week cancellation fee will apply.

10. Last Minute Bookings
Bookings of courses, accommodation and volunteer placements made less than fourteen (14) days of the program start date will be subject to availability.

11. Payments
In order to confirm the lessons and accomodation reservation, the Booking Fee must be paid in advance, once the Booking Form is sent.

Once the program has started, the balance must be paid within the first three days of lessons. This way, the students who book lessons for 3 weeks or more will receive the benefits for long term bookings.

Special Deals must be paid in full within the first three days of lessons. Otherwise, the cost of the program will be updated and any discounts or benefits granted by BSL at the moment of booking will be rescinded. In such case, the student will loose all rights to claim and must pay the full program at the updated prices.

The prices published on our website www.barilochespanishlessons.com have a 10% discount and apply for payments in cash (Argentine Pesos, US Dollars or Euros).  For payments with credit card, debit card or Paypal, prices will correspond to our list price.

In case the student prefers paying through Western Union, all the additional expenses charged by WU are the responsibility of the student.

12. Transfers
The basic rate for transfers from the Airport and the Bus Station are already stipulated on our website. If this rate is increased due to flight or bus delays or any other particular reason, students will be charged this additional cost at the school.

In case any accident, damage or loss occurs during transfers, the taxi or remisse company hired by BSL will be held responsible. BSL will not be held liable for loss, damage or injury to persons or property.

13. Holidays
BSL will close for Argentine public holidays. During weeks where there is one holiday, the missing hours will be compensated during the program.

During weeks where there are two holidays and the program is less than 2 weeks long, BSL will compensate as many hours as possible and will discount those unable to be compensated.

14. Program Changes
BSL may change course structure & timetables at its discretion without notification. The student is entitled to a refund of tuition fees for those courses that BSL is not able to offer.

15. Class Information
Classes are held Monday to Friday, starting in the morning. However, BSL reserves the right to introduce a double banking time table where students alternate between morning and afternoon lessons, on a weekly or daily basis.

In general, BSL schedules group lessons in the morning and private or semi-private lessons in the afternoon. However, depending on availability, BSL will offer morning lessons for all type of courses.

During the ski Seasons, BSL offers programs for skiers and riders at special evening schedules.

BSL reserves the right to use classrooms in alternative premises of a similar standard.

16. Accommodation Information
All students housed in a Student Residence or Private Apartment should adhere to all rules and policies provided by the providers, which may include deposits, security precautions, use of facilities, guest policies, etc.

a) Homestay
Students staying with local families are expected to adapt to the customs of the host as well as to comply with the homestay regulations, which are considered acknowledged at accepting the present Terms and Conditions. The company reserves the right to expel students from the program / accommodation at its sole discretion if it finds students in breach of its basic code of conduct or the homestays regulation. No refund will be given. Students must pay the full cost of any damage to property and are expected to obey the laws of their host country.

17. Level of Spanish
If a student does not have the minimum level of Spanish required to follow a specific course, as determined by the BSL placement test, BSL reserves the right to move the student to a course appropriate for their level.

If at the beginning of a group program of 4 hours a day, BSL does not have two or more students at the same Spanish level, the student will be provided with 3 hours of private lessons without any additional cost.

18. Volunteering
BSL organizes volunteering projects for their students without charging any managing fee. For this, BSL will not be responsible for any decisions taken by the NGO or Company where the volunteering is performed.

To apply for volunteering, the student should complete a Spanish level test as well as provide BSL with a CV describing its experience and background. Before the volunteering starts, the student may sign a commitment form to confirm its agreement with the regulations and conditions applied to the project.

19. Force Majeure
BSL will not be liable for any failure to comply with obligations (and therefore shall not be required to pay compensation) if the failure is occasioned by any cause beyond BSL’s reasonable control; nor shall BSL be responsible for any costs incurred by or on behalf of the student as a result of any such case. Such causes shall include but are not limited to fire, flood, war, riot, embargo, organized labor stoppage, unusually adverse weather conditions, acts of civil or military authorities, acts of terrorism, acts of god, pandemics etc.

20. Supervision
Neither BSL nor its accommodation hosts provide supervision for adult student (18+years of age) who books a program. Students who are less than 18 years old are required to have consent from their parents to study. Those travelling alone need to posses any necessary documentation allowing their stay in Argentina.

21. Code of Conduct & Expulsion
Students are expected to attend a minimum of 80% of classes in order to continue each week. They should inform the school in case of absence. Students should act in a respectful manner towards fellow students, teachers, staff and 3rd party providers such as accommodation hosts and / or activity guides. The company reserves the right to expel students from the program / accommodation at its sole discretion if it finds students in breach of its basic code of conduct. No refund will be given. Students must pay the full cost of any damage to property and are expected to obey the laws and adapt to the customs of their host country and host family (if applicable).

22. Photography & Filming – Website and social networks
BSL may take promotional photographs and video footage of students. If students do not wish to participate, they must provide BSL with a written notice.

Parents of children under 18 years must give written notice to BSL if they do not allow their children to participate in photographs and publicity used by BSL as promotion material.


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