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BSL Staff

We are pleased to have a team of qualified teachers dedicated to improving your Spanish language proficiency and with a strong commitment to fostering a successful school atmosphere. We care about each and every student, and it shows in the results.

My name is Adriana, I am one of the founders and Academic Director of BSL Spanish School. My career as a second language teacher began over ten years ago in Buenos Aires and continued in Bariloche.

BSL StaffSince then, I have taught groups and individual learners of all ages and levels of proficiency. My own experiences as a language learner complement my formal pedagogical training and strong intuitions in the teaching profession. I understand that people learn in many different ways and I enjoy the challenge of finding that ‘way’ for you.

I love meeting people from all over the world since this is another way of travelling and learning about new cultures and experiences. For me, to teach is also to learn and every class is a new opportunity to grow professionally and personally.







My name is Julia Vila, I am the co-founders and head-mistres of BSL School.

I began this proyect five years ego, and as time passes by I realize. I've never enjoyed better the task of organizing Spanish lessons with creative material and dinamic activities this allow our student to have fun along their learning process.

BSL Staff

I like to put together groups of students with whom I enjoy sharing their different cultural uses. This cultural exchange reality allows studentes to learn from each other and expand their language knowledges through the exchange of personal experiences (tips) with class notes.

Our challenge is to teach Spanish grammar structure is the simplest way possible and transmit it through practical exercises.

This technique guarantees the incorporation the language in a way that the students never forgets what they have learnt.

We love whem within just a few days we start listening to our students speaking in Spanish and it's always rewarding when they realize how fast the learning curse grows.

You can trust in our long-tern experience teaching this beautiful language.




Ivone is Spanish teacher at BSL with many years of experience and a lot of friends who used to be her students.

BSL staff She is energetic, fun and friendly, loves talking and sharing experiences. Her lessons will never be boring since she is always adapting them to the students’ styles and likes.

“Hello! I am Ivone Laborde and have taught Spanish at BSL for many years. I like teaching Spanish because first of all, I like to help. Teaching a language means to me to invite a person to get in touch with a new world, a new culture. What pleases me most is that this invitation is to learn about my culture and my place, where I grew up and where I live.

As well, when I teach and meet people from other parts of the world, I feel they enrich me intellectually, emotionally and culturally. For me, Spanish teaching is not only a job, but also a lifestyle and a way of expressing myself through a dynamic, effective and attractive work that I find extremely interesting and positive.”





Mateo is Spanish teacher at BSL. He is from Colombia but even though he has lived in Argentina for a long time, he still prefers coffee to mate!


His quiet and warm personality as well as his patience at teaching creates such a comfortable atmosphere in the classroom that students feel relaxed and confident at learning and practising. He loves talking and going out with the students to have hands-on experice with locals and daily situations.

“What I like most about teaching Spanish is the wonderful connection I begin to feel with the person who is in front of me, not only with the student who is learning a new language. That understanding and rapport has helped me to open the language barriers between the teacher and the student.”






Marina is Spanish teacher at BSL. She is from Spain and has worked teaching Spanish for a long time in Europe for both children and adults.

BSL Bariloche Spanish Lessons

She is patient, quiet and very flexible which allows her to adapt to every level and student needs and preferences. As well, she likes going outdoor and teaching Spanish in real environments and while trekking which is a great option for nature lovers and those who are too active to study at the school. She has also travelled a lot and likes sharing her experiences with the students.

"Hi! I am Marina and I am from Barcelona. I worked there as a Spanish and English teacher for many years. When I was a kid I used to tell my mum I would never be a teacher (she was one) and now it is the thing I enjoy the most. I love seeing that my students are learning and they enjoy it. The thing is it is not only them the ones who learn, I also learn a lot from them. That is something I really like too: language lessons are always an exchange of experiences, knowledge, ..."





Vanesa is Spanish teacher at BSL. She is very dynamic and friendly, with a great sense of empathy. She is very good with group coordination and integration and loves creating new activities to make classes more fun.

BSL staff

'Teaching is my passion, Teaching spanish allows me to transmit my roots and also allows me to show a New world that helps others socialize and conect them to the latín world."

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BSL Spanish School organizes a number of after school activities for you can practise your Spanish while you experience our culture, enjoy the beauty of Patagonian landscape, know about its flora and fauna and have fun.

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