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Customised lessons

We are conscious that every student has different needs, interests, speeds and learning styles. That is why we use our individualised approach, which allows us to follow the direction of the student rather than conforming to a standard lesson plan. We pay attention to the students’ linguistic purposes, sociocultural background and skills to give them the tools necessary to achieve their goals.

Our staff are constantly supervising students’ progress, paying attention to their difficulties, proposing new activities and additional material to strengthen certain skills. We focus on ensuring that every student reaches the highest point expected at each level. For this reason, our lessons are customised, even in group classes.

Highly qualified teachers

BSL staff are highly qualified and specialized in Intensive Spanish teaching. They all promote a relaxed and friendly environment to make the learning process fun and easy. Through specially prepared board games, movie watching, song listenings and other didactic resources, students tend to acquire and practise their Spanish without even noticing that they are studying.

Each Spanish level includes specific learning material. Our material has been carefully done and is continuously updated to provide the students with grammar, vocabulary and exercises in a gradual way.

Graduated learning material

Grammar is important, though is useless without enough vocabulary to apply it. Therefore, at BSL we to give the students a rich everyday and specific vocabulary, which increases both comprehension and expression skills.

Flexible schedule

At the school welcome meeting, during first break on Mondays, you will be able to learn about the wide range of activities and benefits that BSL offers in order to provide you with a wise mix of experience in different aspects during your stay in Bariloche.

We would also gladly help you with all doubts and queries you may have on the School and the city.

Weekly schedule
Additional learning resources: readings, movies, boardgames

The course material is accompanied by additional resources and activities, such as readings, games, audio-visuals, music, etc.

Recreational activities

BSL also invites students to participate in after school activities in the company of a teacher. Students can experience some Argentinian customs like typical “asados” and mate, or explore and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of this area of Patagonia with some of the recreational activities organized by BSL, such as hiking, ecotourism, horseback riding, etc.actividades recreativas.

Thematic workshops (lessons + tours)

When students are interested in Paleantology, Antropology, Indigenas’ Culture, History, etc., our School organizes Thematic Workshops. First, students work at school to has introductory information and get specific vocabulary. Afterwards, they go on a excursion to explore and see what they have learnt. A teacher and a specialized guide go with them to make the most of the experience. Cave paintings and indigenous’ vestiges in the Patagonian steppe are some of the excursions available.

Attendance certificate

When students finish their Spanish Program at BSL Spanish School Bariloche, they receive an Attendance Certificate indicating the Spanish level reached.

Standard programs to continue studying in other cities

It is also possible to continue with a similar Spanish Program in other cities like Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza, Salta and Ushuaia or even book a combined program with the possibility of choosing where to start and finish.

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  • Basic Level +

    When students start a basic Spanish course, they expect to grasp the most useful communication tools to satisfy their needs Read More
  • Initial Level +

    Students at this level are able to deliver simple productions.   Read More
  • Intermediate Level +

    Students deepen their skills on grammar and vocabulary to participate in communicative situations which prove to be more complex than Read More
  • Advanced Level +

    At this level students participate freely in real communicative situations of several complexities and are completely able to manage themselves Read More
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  • Group Lessons +

    Small groups encorage students to develop and practise their oral communication skills, through constant interaction and participation.   Read More
  • One to One (1:1) +

    This program is tailored to suit the student’s specific goals, needs and learning pace.   Read More
  • Semi-private Lessons +

    This program is only for people comming together –friends, couples, families- that prefer private to open groups. It is necessary Read More
  • Super Intensive Course +

    This course consists of daily 6-hour lessons, 4 hours in small groups in the morning and 2 hours private Spanish Read More
  • Daily Modules forTravellers +

    "Survival Spanish Program"  is specifically designed to quickly learn the basics of Spanish communication needed in everyday situations.   Read More
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BSL Spanish School organizes a number of after school activities for you can practise your Spanish while you experience our culture, enjoy the beauty of Patagonian landscape, know about its flora and fauna and have fun.

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Students' Reviews

omar1 I really liked the course because it felt more like open conversation that ...Omer Tchernichovsky, Israel

penelope1An excellent program for any level, the environment is comfortable, friendly, not intimidating for a beginner at all!!!... Penelope Simpson, Canada
Las lecciones eran muy divertidas, interesantes y aprendí mucho. Estoy muy impresionado por ...
Simon Mader – Germany