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Tips for travelling to Bariloche

Travelling to Bariloche

From Buenos Aires

  • By plane: 2-hour flight (LAN or Aerolíneas Argentinas).

  • By bus: 20-hour ride in very comfortable buses with meals included (Via Bariloche – Chevallier, etc).

Bariloche is connected by bus and plane to the main cities in Argentina (Córdoba, Mendoza, Puerto Madryn, El Calafate) and Chile (Osorno, Puerto Montt, Santiago, Pucón).

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About Bariloche

To learn more about Bariloche and what to do:
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Local transportation

  • Upon arrival, we recommend you to take a taxi from the Bus Station or schedule an Airport pick up with BSL.

  • To take local buses you will need a special card. BSL and our homestays as well as most hostels will provide you with this card for you can use it during your time in Bariloche.

  • You can also buy your own card in the Bus Office located in 476 Moreno Ave.

  • It is possible to recharge it in most supemarkets and kiosks downtown and around the city. Please ask us for further information.


Exchange rate & Payments

- Please note that in Argentina there three exchange rates:

  • an offical exchange one used by Banks and ATMs (the lowest rate).
  • a tourist exchange rate used in supermarkets, restaurants, travel agencies and stores in general (it is an average rate in between the blue rate and the official rate).
  • a “Blue Dollar” or parallel market.

-  If you have US Dollars or Euros in cash, it will certainly increase your purchasing power in Argentina. For this, we recommend you to bring Dollars to exchange in Argentina.

currency exchange rates

In BSL you can pay in cash in $AR Pesos, $US Dolllars or Euros as well as with Visa Credit Card.

If you pay in cash, you get 10% discount (the prices on the website already have 10% discount and are for payments in cash). Paypal is only used for Reservation fee with a maximum of $100us.-


ATM Withdrawal limit and fees

  • It is not possible to withdraw Dollars from ATMs in Argentina, only AR PESOS at the lowest exchange rate*.

  • International CCs are allowed to withdraw up to 900 AR pesos* per transaction. You can withdraw this amount three times from the same machine per day  (simply make another transaction), but most home banks charge a withdrawal fee per transaction*.

(*) Values may vary daily. Please check the information by the time you are travelling.


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