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Students' Reviews

 gabyGFueron dos semanas muy intensivas y divertidas. Como el grupo no tenía más de 3 personas pudimos aprender mucho. Gracias a Julia y Adriana!
Gaby Kredel - Germany



 rayGIt was great to improve my spanish in this beautiful setting study in the early afternoons and explore the seven lakes district afterwords. We also great to volunteer with a group of local kids, which was a blast.
Ray MacGaughey - USA



 adrinaGLa escuela es muy buena, yo aprendí mucho en 2 semanas.
Adrina Stucky - Switzerland




 lisaG"BSL is terrific language school well situated in Bariloche. The teachers / staff are very good. They work hard to make sure the lessons and the homestay are meeting your needs."
Lisa Macfarlane - USA



 simoneGEl curso fue muy intensivo, porque los grupos de las clases eran pequeños.
Me gustó mucho!!
Simone Naber - Germany



markGIn particular, the homestay is a great program. I got to practice my spanish in a more intimate setting while learning about the culture area from a wonderful family. Also is a great way to try real local food option. Affordable, fun+ very helpful!
Mark Olson - USA



susanGPuedo recomendar esta escuela, el lugar donde está, la ciudad de Bariloche es un lugar con que muchas actividades diferentes y de diferentes niveles son posibles hacer. El transporte público funciona muy bien hasta la noche. Me gustó mucho y yo quiero regresar un día.
Las clases estaban muy bien preparadas, y podía decir lo que yo quería aprender. La gramática estuvo muy bien explicada. El material es muy bueno y la gramática fácil de aprender. Me gustó mucho estar en esta escuela!

Sussan Moldhenhauer - Germany

  rossG"BSL provides a great way to learn or improve your Spanish skills in a beautiful setting. With very small class sizes and friendly teachers, the school provides lots of opportunities for conversation and correction. Coupled with a home stay, the course is a great way to increase your understanding at both the Spanish language and the Argentinean culture." 
Ross Macfarlane - USA


 reinaldoGLas lecciones me ayudaron mucho con mis faltas y el esfuerzo de corregirlas. Todos los materiales fueron muy bien relacionados con mis faltas en el idioma.
Reinhold Dillon - Irlandés/Estadounidense




"It was the best experience I have had with a language school in a long time. Adriana and her team were so sweet and caring, as well as my hostfamily. I will really miss all of them so much! Thank you everybody for everything! Take care!"
Verena Breinig - Germany


 janineG"BSL Spanish School is very welcoming and the staff are so friendly and helpful. Their professional and warm approach to learning Spanish helped me so much. I was very happy to start learning Spanish here.The teachers have helped me a lot. I would recommend BSL to everyone! Muchas gracias Ivone y Adriana!"
Janine Mitchell



markusGEncontré una escuela con profesores muy amables que me ayudaron con todos mis problemas con lengua. Además siempre les puedes preguntar cualquier cosa sobre la vida en Bariloche. Ellos me ayudaron mucho. Muchas gracias!
Markus Hoppe - Gemany



  sabrinaGOur family had a great time learning Spanish. The school arreged our apartment for the first week and it was very nice. The teachers are very nice and patient. I am a beginner however I feel the school gave me a good foundation to continue my studies. My boys are 9 and 11 eyear old. The teachers were great with them. I would highly recommend BSL for individuals or families!
Sabrina - USA



Las clases eran muy fáciles de comprender. The teachers were incredibly helpful and understanding. I would recommend this school to anyone coming to Bariloche.
They have a very personal approach and are enthusiastic about their students. I learnt more here than aby other school. I would recommend they organize a homestay for you. Initially I came for a week and stayed 5!!! Thank you BSL
Marianne Kelly – Ireland



Muy buenas lecciones, para mí las mejores clases de mi vida. Las profesoras hablan lento y claro. Gracias por los remises por la mañana.
La instrucción personal me ayudó mucho. Las clases fueron interesantes y divertidas. Castellano, tango y churros por la mañana. ¿Qué más necesitas?
Douglas Smith – United States


 penelopeExcellent lessons. Flexible, many different methods to learn. It is easy to ask the teacher questions and to have conversations.
An excellent program for any level, the environment is comfortable, friendly, not intimidating for a beginner at all!!!
Penelope Simpson, Canada



I really liked the course because it felt more like open conversation that involves studying and not like school. We also had games, homework and paper to do for practice and we had a great and helpful teacher! And there were coffee and snacks! It was great!
Omer Tchernichovsky, Israel


dorte Las profesoras son excelentes. Tiene una forma muy clara y comprensible de explicar.
Las clases de tango me gustaron! Además que no haya que pagar.
Dörte Leinemann – Germany



I think it was one of the best decisions I have done.
It was friendly and professional, and helped me a lot. Above all it was flexible to my level and to my intentions from the course.
Yael Segal - Israel



Las lecciones eran muy divertidas, interesantes y aprendí mucho.
Estoy muy impresionado por los libros y ejercicios. La profesora muy simpática y de mucha ayuda. Es relajada y lo más importante muy paciente con nosotros.
Simon Mader – Germany


We got much more un these spanish classes than we’d expected, with social activities such as tango and a trip to the cervecería! We really enjoyed our lessons, and the team helped us with other things such as booking hotels, etc.
Muchas gracias, we had a great time!
Helen Joyce - Inglaterra



We had a great time with BSL – they made the learning interesting and fun.
Muchas gracias to everyone!
Jeff - Inglaterra




paulI went to Bariloche over the winter of 2009 largely as a snowboarding trip, but also with a strong desire to learn spanish.
Not only did it make a lot more sense to learn in a native spanish speaking country, but it worked out considerably cheaper that taking lessons in australia (actually less that half the cost).

I discovered BSL when I moved to a new house in Bariloche and saw the school from the bus window one day on my way home. Being conveniently close to my house, and went along to check it out. I started going once a week, but hoping to increase the speed at which i was learning changed to the 20 hours (intensive) per week. Later on, as my spanish improved a little, the school organised for me to do volunteer english teaching at a local school.

I would happily recommend this school for a number of reasons.
Firstly, and most importantly, the end result- I feel that i can hold up one end of a conversation in spanish quite reasonably now.

Secondly, the teaching in general- My profesora Adriana had very good knowledge and teaching skills, but perhaps just as importantly was very encouraging, something that I think you need in a teacher if you're going to be studying for any reasonable length of time. 3rdly, their willingness to help out generally in whatever issues you might be having (for example, in my case locking myself out of my house or finding a new hostel). This is especially significant given that they have a no commissions policy, which means that they really don't have anything to make out of services that they direct you to. And lastly, the volunteer teaching that they organised not only was fee-free and incredibly rewarding, but possibly helped my spanish more that anything else I did in argentina.
Paul Dowling - Sydney, Australia


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